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Detroit Heritage River Water Trail

The Detroit Heritage River Water Trail meanders through the rich natural and cultural history of the Detroit, Huron, Rouge and Raisin Rivers and offers new opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and wonderful viewing. The area's abundant natural beauty and rich resources include the jewel of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, Humbug Marsh and Island.

Downriver Linked Greenways Trails

Downriver Linked Greenways transforms the Downriver region into a healthier community for people powered transportation, conservation, and recreation, by creating a network of trails and greens spaces that connect people with places.  This is being done by building a network of partners in Wayne County, south of the City of Detroit and north of Monroe County.

Iron Belle Trail

The Iron Belle Trail is Michigan’s showcase trail that touches hundreds of municipalities and crosses through 48 different Michigan counties. Using existing trails, networks and some new connections, the trail extends more than 2,000 miles from the far western tip of the Upper Peninsula to Belle Isle in Detroit on a biking trail and hiking trail.

The trail then travels to the south of Detroit along Downriver Linked Greenways